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Adam Drummond

Highland Games Athlete

Professional Highland Games Athlete/ Masters Track and Field Throwing competitor and coach.  Age 36.  I have been competing in Highland Games since 2007 with a football background.  Two time Provincial Champ.  Competed in Ontario in 2011 at the Canadian Amateur Championships and twice in Minnesota at the World Amateur Championships.  Turned Pro 2 years ago.  Love getting to travel all over North America competing and hope to one day compete in Scotland.  Last year I started as a throws coach for kids and competing as a Masters athlete with Peninsula Track and Field.  It’s been a lot fun learning Shotput, Discus, Olympic hammer and Javelin as well as teaching and watching the kids develop their skills and get better.  I have been a long time Popeyes Victoria customer because Chris and the staff treat me well and are extremely supportive and knowledgeable.  I can buy supplements from them with complete confidence and not have to worry about the quality of the product. 

My favorite products are

  • Nutrabolics ISOBOLIC Protein
  • Progressive Active Multi's
  • Precision GLUT-PLX (Glutamine)

Angela Adara

Fitness Model

  • Muscle Tech Demo Rep
  • Fitness/Bikini Model

Competition History

  • Overall winner for Bikini Masters: Victoria Cup, August 2015
  • 1st place Bikini Model Masters: Victoria Cup, August 2015
  • 3rd place Bikini Model Open: Victoria Cup, August 2015
  • 1st place Fitness Model Masters: WBFF Vancouver, July 2015
  • 1st place Fitness Open Tall: WBFF Vancouver, July 2015
  • 3rd place Fitness model Open: NPAA 2014
  • 5th place Bikini Open:     NPAA 2014
  • 1st place Fitness Model: Western Naturals, May 2007
  • 2nd place Bikini Model: Fame West 2007
  • 3rd place Fitness Model: Fame West 2007

3 favorite supplements

  • BCAA’s:  Amino Build: Muscletech (white grape)
  • Pre-workout: Anarchy by Muscletech & Rocket Science by Magnum
  • Fat Burners:   Hydroxycut by Muscletech

I have been shopping at Popeye’s for all my supplement needs since the beginning of my fitness career. Not only do they offer outstanding customer service and a wide range of top quality brands but they also guarantee the lowest prices and can actually back that up.  Popeyes Supplements Victoria & Nanaimo always brings in the best new products so if they don’t carry it there is always  a good reason. I am so proud to be part of the Popeye’s community, and am super excited to be part of their demo team.

Other info

  • Favorite body part to work out: Glutes, hamstrings and quads 
  • Favorite cheat meal: Pizza … by far.


  • Compete at the BC provincials & finish my personal training certification

Jake Penman


I would like to thank Popeye's Supplements Victoria, for the awesome support through my contest preparation towards the Victoria Cup Fitness Show. I am a long time customer of the Popeyes franchise and always enjoy my trips to the Victoria location. The staff there are friendly and really knowledgeable about all products in the industry. They always seem to have the right suggestions/advice no matter what my goals are. 

I was extremely pleased with the supplement stack prescribed to me by Popeye's owner, Chris. 1st He had me using Magnum's Volume for insane pumps and muscle vascularity during my workouts and before hitting the stage. In addition to that I was taking Magnum's Rocket Science and Muscletech's Creacore as my pre workout mixture to help spike my creatine levels (for strength) and get me mentally dialed in for those intense workouts. Finally, I was using Allmax's Carbion in combo with Aminocore taken intra workout for extended energy and increased muscle resilience. I found this combination of supplements had a huge impact on my training towards my contest, and the physique I brought to stage for my 1st show. Thanks again to Chris and the Popeye's Victoria staff! 

If you would like to see more pictures or lifting motivation check out my Instagram: Jackedlikejake

Travis Takasaki


My name is Travis Takasaki and I'm from Victoria BC. I come from a very active family, and grew up playing many different sports including baseball, soccer, track & field and volleyball. It was through my training to be competitive in these sports where I was first introduced to a weight room. The moment I set foot in my high school gym, I knew that was where I wanted to be. Ever since then it has become my passion and I have strived to become stronger, faster and fitter. I always wanted to become an all around athlete, and to learn from as many different fitness disciplines as I could. I have competed in natural physique shows - qualifying for the BC Championships in 2012 - as well as various local powerlifting competitions. But it wasn't until I found Crossfit that I truly realized what I had been missing. Crossfit showed me all the holes I had in my fitness, and I have been striving ever since to learn and conquer the toughest physical skills I can, in order to compete in the sport of fitness.

Popeyes Supplements Victoria has had a hand in my success for over 10 years now. Way back when the store was just starting out, I would always be cruising the shop, always looking for advice on health and nutrition. Popeye's Victoria and all their knowledgeable staff have been a huge help in helping me to sift through all the mis-information that’s out there, and to narrow in on what I actually need, and what works best for my personal goals.

My 3 favourite supplements are:

  • OmegEssential Fish oil
  • ON Gold Standard 100% Whey & Creacore
  • Creatine HCL by Muscletech

Ruth Saunders

Martial Arts

I have been very active my entire life. My parents who are both wilderness guides have had me hunting & fishing since I was just a little girl, so I think it’s safe to say that a very active lifestyle is just in my DNA.

I started weight training at 16 years of age after I started wrestling in high school and wanted to get stronger than all the boys. Yes, I have always been very competitive to say the least. Shortly after moving to Victoria in 2012 I met MMA coach - Jason Heit. I started training under him and went on to compete in various competitions including the Western Canadian Martial Arts Championships, where I won Gold. In 2013 I was selected to represent Team Canada at the World Martial Arts Games in Austria. Then I broke my leg just 4 weeks out, but continued to train with the intention of competing using only my strong ground game. I sadly re-broke my leg a week later, and was forced to officially pull out of the event. That’s when I started to focus my training on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu where I quickly earned my blue belt in 2014. Around this time I was offered a contract with Super Fight League out of Mumbai, India to compete in MMA. After several tough fight camps, but no Visa’s arriving (and a lost passport) I decided to re-focus my training on strength & proper recovery. I became very dedicated to the weight room, which culminated in me competing in the Western Canadian Bodybuilding Championships in Kelowna B.C where I placed 2nd in Figure Tall, qualifying me for Provincials. This is when I decided to really step up my training to build some quality muscle, and focus my sights on the Women’s Physique division. After 2 years of intense training 5-6 x per week,  I just recently competed in November 2016 at the Popeye’s Fall Classic in Vancouver B.C where I placed 1st in Women’s Masters Physique, First in Women’s Open Tall,  Won Best Poser of the Night and won the Overall Women’s Physique title.  This now allows me to compete at the Provincial level for life. 

My addiction to competitive sports doesn’t end there, but now has me Kitesurfing. Last year I was certified with IKSA and followed this by kiting the Eastern Coastline from New Orleans down to Florida.  

I think it’s safe to say I work hard and play hard and know that I need quality supplementation (and advice) to keep my body is tip top condition, so I am ready to take on the next physical challenge that comes my way.

Chris and all his staff at Popeye’s Supplements Victoria have been a huge support system to me over all these years, and always so incredibly knowledgeable about their products. Their incredible community support and involvement has always impressed me immensely.

I proudly recommend Popeye’s Supplements Victoria to everyone I come across. As an active volunteer in the local community, I am also a youth lacrosse coach, and Chris the owner of Popeye’s Victoria was more then eager to support my team without hesitation this summer.  

Popeyes Supplements Victoria is and continues to be my one and only supplement store ... wether it’s their top notch customer service, their amazing prices, their very knowledgeable staff or Victoria’s best supplement selection by far ... all of these reasons makes them hands down the best supplement store by a long shot!

Carla Wayes (Littlechief)

Fitness Competitor

I am a local Victoria born fitness competitor and I’ve always wanted to represent Popeye’s Supplements Victoria as an Athletic Ambassador

I am dedicated to living a fit and healthy lifestyle, I am very ambitious and I believe in taking quality supplements to enhance one’s training efforts. Popeye’s Supplements Victoria is my store of choice because of their very knowledgeable staff, supportive atmosphere and such a huge selection of only the highest quality products to choose from not cheap knock offs brands found is many of the other stores. 

My life is very busy, but training will always be a major priority in my life.

I am a busy full-time working mom/wife and also a part-time student. Balancing time management skills and focusing on my future goals, while incorporating relaxation methods into my life are important keys to long term success when surrounded by such a hectic environment. 

While I was born in Victoria, I am also a White Bear First Nations band member (Saskatchewan) with blended Ukrainian, Polish and British-Indian descent. I truly represent a melting pot of Canadian heritage. I now see that I am in a great position to positively influence Indigenous people to live healthier lifestyles, and hope I can continue to inspire through my fitness competing & fitness modeling. I have decided to use my original maiden name Carla Littlechief as my fitness stage name to help promote this goal. With time and repeated effort, I believe positive outcomes will prevail in the long run and I use this to motivate me thru some of my toughest workouts

Value for my money is very important to me, especially since I am still a student. So these are my favourite supplements from Popeye’s that give me the best results for my goals and help stretch my dollar a little bit farther

  • Muscletech’s L-GLUTAMINE
  • Nutrabolics ISOBOLIC Protein Powder - Chocolate of course
  • WALDEN FARMS Calorie Free food products 
  • PVL WATERTIGHT – only for my pre contest peak week 


Carla Wayes (Littlechief)

Emily Graham

Provincially Qualified Bikini Competitor/Fitness Model/Personal Trainer

Emily  is a Provincially Qualified Bikini Competitor, Published Fitness Model and Personal Trainer.  She 1st discovered her love of weight lifting at the age of 17 and has been passionate about training and eating for a healthy lifestyle ever since. This past year has been an exciting one for Emily as she has advanced in many areas of the fitness industry and has already reached a great deal of her existing goals. She participated and placed 2nd in her first bodybuilding competition back in March 2016 at the Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic, became a Personal Trainer and published Fitness Model and is now a Popeyes Victoria & Nutrabolics Athlete Ambassador. She will step on stage again in July 2017 for Provincials in hopes to qualify for Nationals.

Emily experienced her fist weight lifting session nearly five years ago. As soon as she left the gym that day she went straight into Popeye’s Supplements for all her necessary supplements and has been frequenting their stores ever since. She has always found their staff to be extremely knowledgeable, honest and they always supply the best products at the lowest prices (just like their commercials promise) She always encourages her clients, friends and family who are looking to optimize their own health to visit Popeye’s because she knows the staff will take care of their needs and not just sell them products to turn a profit   

Currently Emily’s favourite products are the new Nutrabolics Pre Workout Stim-X, Nutrabolics Athletes Food Protein Powder/MRP and Nutrabolics Anabolic State BCAA+HICA Recovery Formula.